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World Sensorium is a world social olfactory sculpture, a monument to the planet and humanity at the millennium. Its presence is to be experienced by its persistence in collective memory, as it offers conscious and unconscious reflection and engagement through the faculty of smell, touching the larger realities between us at this important and powerful passage in our lives in history.

Its formula is derived from a synthesis of natural essences of trees, flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants of the world—aromas established through research identified by each country. Projected populations for the year 2000 by each country establishes the quantitative percentage values of the chosen scents.

As part of the artistic social process, a cultural scent ingredient was established through the artist’s extensive research and consultation with official representatives of each nation of the world through that country's UN mission, embassy, consulate, or country’s ministry. This extensive process took five years and resulted in the establishment of official government-sanctioned components of the World Sensorium aroma structure. These statements can be read in the Country Cultural Statements.

The government officials helped to identify a scent that their country knows to be invested with historical and cultural meaning to its people, traceable through medicine, mythology, religion, and anthropology. These chosen scents are like cuttings from old cultural branches in humanity's partnership with nature.

World Sensorium is a totally natural and inclusive scent, formulated to initiate a unifying consciousness, revealing the alchemy of the millennial human equation. May it be a way to hold our world within us and know it, a way to know and trust that it is our common modern destiny of choice to move as one, for survival of all.

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