I tender deep gratitude to Harriet Mayor Fulbright, Executive Director of The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, for her hopeful world vision and early comprehension and support of my work. She is an eloquent and effective human being who has been an ongoing source of inspiration. It is my privilege to know her. The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities was the sponsoring organization of World Sensorium to UNESCO.

I am highly honored by former Director-General Federico Mayor of UNESCO, who endorsed World Sensorium to Times Square 2000 as a cultural project of peace and goodwill. I am deeply grateful to Barbara Barry de Longchamp, Director of Partnerships for the Twenty-first Century and Thomas R. Forstenzer, Executive Office of the Director-General, Paris, France who share my goals.

I extend my sincere thanks to the diplomatic officials of the world who engaged in the dialogue with me about world cultural scents and who helped find the answers to my queries.

I am most grateful to Peter Kohlman, Times Square BID, a colleague in interest in massing events, who was able to envision with me, years ago, World Sensorium’s part in Times Square 2000.

Special thanks to Steffany Martz of the Steffany Martz Gallery for her far-reaching vision and ongoing support and encouragement.

I thank Dr. Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Director of the Harding Laboratory at The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York for his help in identifying the plants of the chosen scents of Senegal and Burkino Faso.

Thanks to Mr. Rick Hanna of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Lawai, Hawaii, for the information he researched for me on tropical plants and for his suggestion of helpful resources.

I wish to thank Susan H. Arensberg, a great editor, for her passion for clarity. She helped make the microencapsulated paperwork copy more concise and cohesive.

I would like to thank Mr. Lawrence Lighter and Mr. Steven Horowitz for their counsel.

I am very appreciative of Michael Scholes and Joan Clark of the Michael Scholes School for Aromatic studies who were consultants to the blending of World Sensorium for Times Square 2000, which took place in my studio in New York City. The help of Michael Scholes has been invaluable. I learned a significant amount from him, both in the classroom and through his sharing his years of knowledge, experience and ability in true and pure botanical materials.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to

Debra Freund, RN and Dr. Howard Freund of Scents & Sensibility who helped make World Sensorium more inclusive of the world and assured its safety through their custom distilling work and chemical testing.

Christopher Condon of Melaleuca Estates of America in conjunction with Reedy Creek and Dr. Glen A. Kile, Chief, CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products, Canberra, Australia, for contributing the Australian Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil.

Xavier Renard and Vicky Baker of Mane, U.S.A. were invaluable in their help to arrange for Mane to supply enough of six raw materials to meet the needs of Times Square 2000.

Cathy Boone, Wendy Gierhart and Beth Degrauwe of The Florida Native Plant Society, Native Plant Nursery, who gathered flowers, leaves and twigs of Randia Aculeata for me.


I am highly appreciative of the help of Janel Johnson, Lisa Thomas, and Antonia Abram, the brightest of the bright, who all put in many hours of help.

In 2008, I would like to express a very special thanks to Jerllin Cheng for her invaluable skilled assistance and professionalism and to Greg Svetz for his talent in providing website updates.

I am also grateful to Mark Peltier and Ilene Kenney of AromoSys for their understandings of olfactory perception related to environmental experience and for their technology used in my installations.

I gratefully acknowledge the professional support of Webcraft, and in particular Eric Dalbo, for Webcraft’s technical guidance in creating the microencapsulated paperworks to bring World Sensorium to Times Square 2000.

In creating World Sensorium I am most fortunate and grateful for my supportive family, especially my husband John Steele and sister, Deborah Nalls Anderson.


World Sensorium

© 1997-2008, by Gayil Nalls

All Rights Reserved