United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (UNESCO)

"Launched simultaneously with the United Nations’ International Year for the Culture of Peace, World Sensorium will certainly contribute to creating a climate of goodwill and peace at this memorable moment in time."

Mr. Federico Mayor
The Director-General


The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities
Washington, DC

"I found Ms. Nalls’ world olfactory sculpture to have all the richness, depth, originality and integrity that defines any true work of art. I feel that Ms. Nalls’ vision and years of work has revealed what she intended, and that World Sensorium is an olfactory aesthetic that many cultures will highly appreciate and find inspiring."

Harriet Mayor Fulbright
Executive Director



"World Sensorium will be a sort of olfactory rainbow, with all the possible shades of the world’s natural perfumes, bringing joy and a sort of ethereal atmosphere joining all the world’s regions."

Stanislaw Dziqisz
Private Secretary to Pope John Paul II


Steffany Martz Gallery

"World Sensorium is a breakout project in many ways. While addressing historical questions about the efficacy of art as a means for social/political change, as well as art historical ideas about form and structure. World Sensorium, essentially a formless sculpture, actually expands the boundaries of what art is. It is the ultimate conceptual art project and at the same time the ultimate metaphysical sculpture."

Steffany Martz


CNN America, Inc.

"World Sensorium is a unique exploration and expression of humankind. It is a hopeful, moving and inspiring vision for our future - a synthesizing of what we must achieve in the 21st century.

Wendy Walker Whitworth
Vice President
Senior Executive Producer Larry King Live


New Orbit Communications

"Gayil Nalls’ technical virtuosity combined with her aesthetic sensibilities often startle you not only in recognizing the vision expressed in the art work itself, but in realizing exactly how profoundly committed she is to helping us to heal our planet and forge bonds of peace within and amongst ourselves. Hence, she has arrived at a pivotal moment, the World Sensorium project, her creation of a global olfactory scent to involve each of us in the most elemental aspects of our beings - the breath - and the most profound awareness of our unification - a One World Scent."

Arlene Krebs




World Sensorium

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