<i>World Sensorium</i>
The World Social_Olfactory Sculpture

This web site features documentation and information pertaining to the millennium initiative creating and premiering the world scent.

World Sensorium is an olfactory artwork of statistical symbolism and inclusive aesthetic for sensory experience. The message organically embodied in World Sensorium, by the methodological process for its creation and the molecular properties of the natural materials, is one of peace, unity and environmentalism.

The artist’s focus for the decade prior the millenium to the present has been to create a work of art that would be a force of consciousness and transformation, an egalitarian landmark in collective memory, and an experience dedicated to increasing humanity’s understanding of itself and its co-evolution with the environment. Through this artwork people can experience the world as a single complex scent. They can explore the molecular language of plants as it affects the internal territory of human memory and consciousness.

In World Sensorium, country representatives of the world have helped identify a culturally significant scent that embodies cultural meaning for their country. The chosen scents, from fragrant trees, plants, and herbs, are distinctive aromas critical to each country’s cultural memory, the sources often having been utilized intensively as medicine, food, and shelter or venerated in religious and cultural practices for centuries. In this regard, there are cultural statements from each nation.

These Country Cultural Statements are listed alphabetically by nation here on the site. I am sure you will enjoy reading them. Many are rich with explanations of the historic and cultural role of scent in our world society and will enable people around the world to know global information about the powerful and diverse relationship humanity has through its olfactory response to species of plant growth in different countries.

World Sensorium is a thought–provoking guidepost at this symbolically important turn in history.

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