By Catie Leonard

Drizzle is the first book in my series, Drizzle, Drag, Mush which is an artistic exploration of memory, preservation and family dynamics. Using botanical drying and mounting techniques for preserving plant specimens, the photographs of Drizzle act as a visual anchor to memories about my grandmother who loved and grew flowers. When she came to live with us she continued to nurture flowers and us by providing large fragrant bouquets of fresh flowers for the dining table during our regular family dinners together. It took me until my adulthood to realize how much I longed for those rituals, and how much it means to me to have flowers in my home.

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Catie Leonard is a photographer who investigates themes of memory, preservation, and identity. A graduate of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, she lives in Maryland and works in Washington, DC. www.catieleonard.com