Summer Fever Dream

By Alina Fresquez Patrick

For generations summer has meant time spent outside — trips to the beach, kids riding bikes, block parties and barbecues. But this is no longer the summer of our childhoods. Blistering heat, forest fires, and droughts are turning this season into something more sinister. Hidden in images of lush color and glowing summer light are feral dogs, dead snakes dried out by the sun, rotting fish, and murky water. Yet, in its long hours of sunlight a glimmer of the season’s magic remains with the lingering question of how much more heat we can survive.

All photographs © Alina Fresquez Patrick

Alina Fresquez Patrick is a photographer and documentarian based in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA in Photography & Imaging and Political Science from New York University. Her work explores the impact of natural disasters, war, and displacement recently taking her to Ukraine and Cuba. @alina.patrick