Photo of Pink and White Flowers


The World Sensorium / Conservancy (WS/C) helps in the conservation of aromatic and medicinal plants worldwide through interdisciplinary research, evaluation and program initiatives. Our current priority is to see that iconic plants of world heritage are conserved. We partner with individuals, governments, organizations, and institutions so that together we can accomplish the urgent goals that the times require.

On Earth Day 2021 the WS/C will launch its first global campaign, a video challenge focused on aromatic plants and the memories they trigger. These real stories from around the world pay tribute to the deep sensorial and intrinsic meaning aromatic plants play in people’s memory and will help us build a united effort to conserve them.

If you can help facilitate any of these aims, please contact us:

  • Raising awareness of the vast numbers of the world’s plants that are in danger of extinction and the current acceleration of loss due to the increasing impact of climate change. 
  • Helping with humanity’s recognition of our evolutionary dependence on plants, focusing on aromatic plants of cultural heritage and reaffirm the value they have in their natural habitats.
  • Helping the public recognize the key role they have in conservation and the safety net of resilient preservation systems.
  • Calling on governments, intergovernmental bodies, and conservation organizations to build support for the conservation of aromatic and medicinal plants of and partner with them to achieve conservation goals.
  • Monitoring the status of aromatic and medicinal plants, updating their risk and preservation status, and their inclusion in botanical gardens and genebanks. 
  • Working at regional, national and international levels to further strategies for aromatic and medicinal plant conservation. Recommending plants of world cultural heritage as conservation priorities to organizations and institutions, both national and internationally.
  • Promoting sustainable and effective use of in situ plant resources.
  • Supporting the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation and Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC) and implementing the preservation of aromatic and medicinal plants of world cultural heritage.