Photo of the Earth taken from space with the sun rising over the horizon

Original World Sensorium Website

The original World Sensorium website is as important to the history of the early internet as it is to understanding world olfactory culture, as the website is one of its oldest continually available sites on the internet. It went live in 1997, with the documentation of the most culturally significant aromatic plants of the world by country, providing a framework of identification for natural odors fundamental to national identification, communication, and world cultural heritage. The website explains the concept of the world’s natural sensorium during a time when the most revolutionary tool of mass global communication was taking form. World Sensorium and its concept delivered an interconnected reality of the world. During the many years prior to 1997, when the country research was conducted, a good part of the world did not have official presence online, but came online as the project progressed. The original research was mostly conducted through in person meetings, letters and fax.

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