WS/C Store

At the WS/C Store we were looking for ways that you can interact with and support the World Sensorium Conservancy. The Store’s collection features a variety of objects you can purchase, from your favorite flower in the form of a vintage brooch, limited edition fine art prints & objects, and collectable texts. You will get a feel for the deep role that flora has had on world aesthetics: art, design, fashion and more. There is no better time to embrace world flora and nature, and what it has inspired, and what we can do together to conserve it.

Plantings Print Annual 2021

We’d like to introduce you to our first annual print edition of Plantings, the journal of the World Sensorium Conservancy. The annual is an 80 page publication featuring articles from our online journal in 2021, The articles are on topics relevant to conservation and the intrinsic values of nature— refocusing plant conservation as a fundamental and prioritized responsibility of all.

Pre-order Special:
Until November 30th, you can order the Plantings print annual for $15.00 domestically and $18.00 for international until November 30th. After the 30th, the single annual issue cost is $18.00 domestically and $21.00 for international.