Photo of stalks of flowers against a gray sky

WS/C Environmental Statement

The WS/C is committed to caring for the environment, with a focus on conserving aromatic and medicinal plants. Our ethos directs our commitment to working ethically and sustainably as an organization.

The World Sensorium website is hosted by a green provider that obtains their electricity from renewable sources and whose data center is partnered with state-level ‘clean wind’ programs. We work to minimize our carbon footprint and help others do the same. We use EnergyStar appliances and LED high efficiency lighting. We use recycled paper for any printings, recycle all that is possible, and practice in-office composting. We use cleaning products that are safe for human health and the environment. Inside plants improve our air quality and make our space beautiful and boost well-being. We also grow aromatic and medicinal plants inside. We regularly plant trees ourselves and gift trees to others to plant. We also plant trees through national and international organizations.

As members of the art, science, and conservation worlds, we strive to be a role model for reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. We are acutely aware of this responsibility and are dedicated to doing whatever we can to support friends, family, colleagues, and employees to do the same. Our mission is to encourage others to join us in practices and actions to enhance ecosystem resilience and human well-being. We enable the enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world through our research, articles, and images about places around the globe. We are continually teaching ourselves to be better environmental stewards so we can support others to the same. We all need to be the conservationists that these times require.