Photo of white flowers against a blue sky with small clouds

World Sensorium’s Extension as a Conservancy

WORLD SENSORIUM is more than an extraordinary inclusive world scent and a thought-provoking force of memory; it is a call to action. 

In 2015 we began a comprehensive investigation into the status of world heritage plants and how countries and cultures around the world are faring in the present environmental crisis. We found that the global loss of biodiversity and increasing extinctions of world flora, along with other challenges are compromising Earth’s ecosystems. We are at a threshold moment in time; close to a level of plant loss that disrupts the fundamental workings of our planet. 

Further research revealed that a large percentage of the threatened medicinal plants are of high cultural relevance or indispensable to humanity. Many are iconic aromatic plants of world cultural heritage, such as those identified in the World Sensorium project and the vast majority have little or no conservation safety net. 

The World Sensorium/Conservancy (WS/C) is an extension of the World Sensorium Project. It is an initiative to help accelerate plant conservation. Our research by country can soon be found on this website.