World Sensorium: OCEAN




World Sensorium: OCEAN, 2023
Composition of marine and terrestrial plant essential oils from around the globe

50ml Black Glass Bottle Mister

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 An Olfactory Ocean Experience

World Sensorium: OCEAN was exhibited at the Art Basel Miami Beach, 2023.

Gayil Nalls, PhD, created the olfactory artwork World Sensorium: OCEAN, for sensorial experience, emotional engagement, and as an exploration of chemical ocean aesthetics.

Nalls takes inspiration from the ocean as a largely unexplored chemically mediated ecosystem, a pulsating majestic eternity where chemical signals often drive behavior and processes. A place from which all life emerged, and to which she finds herself continuously returning. The work is a continuation of the World Sensorium project that was endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities (PCAH).

To evoke the ocean and memories of it, Nalls draws on her research and hundreds of olfactory snapshots from her life and the ocean in various places, including sensations and perceptions of the briny Mediterranean, the sulphury smell of sargassum during low tide on various coasts, soil and plant-scented waters emptying into the ocean, and breathing different aromatic plant aromas blowing, emerging, and converging in the dynamics of ocean wind in different places in the world.

This olfactory artwork was created in behalf of terrestrial and aquatic plant to catalyze critical ocean protection.

$80 from your purchase is tax deductible and will go to the Mobilize for the Ocean Fund that supports U.N. Ocean Decade endorsed organizations.