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Eat More Plants: Recipes

Pea Coffee

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It may be time to start thinking about other plant-based coffee-like beverages. As the effects of climate change increase, wild coffee species are under treat and many coffee-growing areas, growing primarily Coffea Arabica (arabica) and Coffea Canephora (robusta) are having to move to higher altitudes, if possible, or switch to growing more tolerant crops. As a result, coffee prices are going up and future shortages are likely. Should you be looking for a coffee alternative, one that really boosts your health without caffeine? There are a lot of plant-based beverages to try.

In her 1829 book The Frugal Housewife, Lydia Maria Child, advocated drinking a beverage made of roasted peas (English or Garden varieties) rather than expensive coffee. It’s amazing what’s in a little green garden pea.The diminutive legume is packed with vitamins A,B,C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, helping conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. They also contain carotenoids lutein and zeaxanth—great for eye health.

Consider growing a larger crop of organic garden peas this year and give a warm pea drink a try.

Pea Coffee

Take dried peas (English or garden varieties) and roast them until they turn a dark cinnamon brown.

Crush and grind as with coffee beans and brew.

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